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Orchestrating industrial mobility. Safer, smarter.

Welcome to the world of IMaaS - Indoor Mobility as a Service

Keep Simple Tasks Simple

MAESTRO is a centralized Control Tower that enables effective and harmonized indoor operations. Be it tracking raw material movements, real time safety alerts for man-driven vehicles, or navigating fleets of generic autonomous mobile robotic platforms - MAESTRO understands every and any motion on the floor and orchestrates the action, at a fraction of the price of today's solutions.

Superpowers For Your Space

MAESTRO changes the paradigm through a complete spatial awareness - moving the brain from multiple over-designed & expensive robotic platforms to one central AI-powered control environment. Offering advanced semantic analytics enabling to better understand the floor and manage end to end processes holistically, the new threshold for applying autonomous mobility becomes unexpectedly low.

Putting Vision In Motion

MAESTRO uses proprietary cutting-edge Machine Vision technology and AI to transform indoor operations. Simply introduce a mobile robotic platform to your floor and let MAESTRO see it, track it, and direct its movement autonomously and in perfect sync until the task is fulfilled. A new class of lightweight robotics is coming to your space to get things done.

A central control system to streamline indoor operation

MAESTRO facilitates a range of products across the smart-space spectrum, such as tracking​​ assets generating actionable insights, and enabling the navigation of fully autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) by utilizing off-the-shelf, ceiling-mounted cameras for continuous floor awareness.

Using proprietary computer vision and deep learning algorithms, MAESTRO detects and classifies objects, locates and tracks them accurately (+/- 5 cm), and understands the context of scenes to provide real-time floor data.  



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Join Our Orchestra

Whether you're a hardware components provider, developing a unique robotic platform, providing a complimentary product & service, or just dreaming big - the MAESTRO team would love to hear from you. Reach out to put your vision in motion!

Vision In Motion

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