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Neve Ilan, Israel/Toyohashi, Japan, April 25, 2023: 634AI, the Israeli developer of an integrated solution combining an autonomous mobile robot (MAESTRO Autonomous Mobile Robot) and related AI control systems (MAESTRO Floor manager, MAESTRO Guard, MAESTRO Intelligence), and Musashi AI, a Japan-based software designer of visual inspection robots for industry, will work together to deploy their proven solutions to customers globally. 634AI and Musashi AI are joint ventures between Musashi Seimitsu Industry, a global tier-1 auto part manufacturer, and SIXAI, an Israeli innovation specialist in integrating deep tech and AI into traditional mobility, logistics and manufacturing industries through creating JVs with established industry leaders. At an event in Toyohashi, Japan, the companies showcased the latest “go live” versions of their solutions, both of which, after extensive real-world testing, have benefitted from refinement and evolution, resulting in easily deployable and reliable solutions. Now ready for global roll-out, the two companies will leverage their sales teams and global locations as they work to deliver solutions to additional customers. Unlike earlier industrial robots, both 634AI and Musashi AI’s solutions are designed to work alongside human workers to fill skills shortages, streamline workflows, and improve safety. In contrast to many other robotics companies, both firms have designed their solutions to be uncomplicated to retrofit into existing ‘brownfield’ facilities, as opposed to requiring newbuild sites. This retrofitting capability enables more industrial users to integrate the solutions into their operations, benefitting from Industry 4.0 faster, as well as increasing the addressable market for 634AI and Musashi AI. The event saw customers, partners and investors presented with the latest 634AI and Musashi AI’s solutions, which have already secured significant customer interest in Japan, Israel, and North America. Notably, 634AI announced an order from Musashi Seimitsu for 200 MAESTRO-powered AMRs and related AI enabled systems back in August 2022. MAESTRO is 634AI’s vendor-agnostic AI-powered platform. Its central control system streamlines indoor operations, enabling the safe and efficient navigation of autonomous mobile robots in real world industrial and logistics settings. It tracks human and robot workers and other assets in real time, generating actionable insights and compliance reports. The platform utilizes off-the-shelf, ceiling-mounted cameras for continuous floor awareness with its proprietary computer vision and deep learning algorithms detecting and classifying objects, before tracking and locating them with incredible accuracy as well as understanding the full context of activities on the floor. Anat Kaphan, CEO of 634AI, said: “MAESTRO represents the next generation of indoor industrial mobility, and 634AI is dedicated to helping as many customer organisations as possible. In our renewed collaboration with Musashi AI, we look forward to working with businesses to best fit MAESTRO into their workflows, enabling them to benefit from improved productivity and safety. Thanks to the continued work of our engineers, the MAESTRO system continues to evolve and events like this are a good opportunity to recognize and take stock of progress.”

634 AI,  

Nimbus by Cogniteam and MAESTRO by 634AI are joining forces aiming to reduce operational expenses and boost safety in warehouse robotics.


634AI's MAESTRO, an AI-enabled autonomous mobile robot management platform will be responsible for managing 200 AMRs also supplied by 634AI


NVIDIA selects 634AI to be included in its Inception Program for exceptional Startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and Data Science.


634AI and InOrbit have signed a commercial collaboration agreement to bring more efficient AMR fleet management to the U.S. market

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634AI will collaborate with MusashiAI and Suzuyo, a Japanese 3PL giant, to install AMRs in Suzuyo's logistics centers in Japan

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634AI Selects RTI Connext as the Connectivity Software between its MAESTRO system, a Robot-as-a-Service software solution, and its Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) platforms

634 AI,  

MusashiAI ,the Israeli-Japanese ‘Industry 4.0’ joint venture, announces the spin-out of 634AI, a company focused on developing world’s first fully integrated RTLS-driven central control tower for streamlining management of any mobile task on an industrial floor.

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Big Data & AI StartUs Insights select 634AI (FKA MusashiAI) as one of 5 AGV startups to watch in 2021

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