New Head of Algorithms & AI

634 AI appoints new Head of Algorithms & AI Group as demand for MAESTRO software grows

Israel, September 19, 2021: 634 AI, the developers of MAESTRO, an AI-enabled control tower for streamlining management of industrial indoor mobility, has announced the appointment of Mr. Sagi Dolberg as Head of its Algorithms & AI Group. 

Sagi brings extensive expertise in sensors, image processing, hyperspectral signal processing, algorithms, machine learning, and operations research to the 634 AI team. In his new role, he will be responsible for the development of computer vision, deep learning, and path planning algorithms for MAESTRO. 

Before joining 634AI, Sagi was Head of the Algorithms Group in Vayavision , a LeddarTech company, where he led a team of 18 computer vision and algorithms engineers using deep learning and computer vision. Prior to Vayavision, Sagi led the Algorithms Group in RailVision – a start-up for autonomous trains - for six years. He also spent several years with Bird AeroSystems as an operations research engineer and spent several years in the Israeli Air Force as an Electronic warfare expert. Sagi holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

This appointment comes as 634AI is seeing rapid growth in demand for its software, with partnerships including Japanese manufacturer Musashi Seimitsu, a Honda Motor affiliate company and a global Tier 1 Auto parts manufacturer, and customers in Japan, Germany and Israel. The appointment signifies 634AI’s commitment to developing innovative products that are accessible to everyone, everywhere, and represents a further strengthening in the company’s Research and Development efforts.

Onn Fenig, CEO of 634AI, said: “We are very excited to have Sagi on board. At 634AI we strive to innovate for smarter autonomous indoor mobility, and one of the key things that makes MAESTRO distinctive is its use of computer vision and deep learning to have a holistic view of the work floor. Sagi brings many years of expertise in these fields and will enable us to continue innovating and maximizing the vast opportunities computer vision has to offer. We look forward to working closely with Sagi to push the capabilities of vision and AI to their limits, to streamline autonomous indoor mobility.”

Sagi Dolberg, incoming Head of Algorithms & AI Group at 634AI, said: “It is an exciting moment to join the 634 AI team. The potential for computer vision to revolutionize floor management can allow for an enormous shift in automation. I look forward to working with this ambitious team to harness the power of AI to actively make the work floor a safer and more streamlined place. I hope that my work with 634AI allows us to bring the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies to more businesses than ever before.”


About 634AI

634 AI was founded to enable organizations greater resilience and business continuity in an ever-changing world. We are driven by a mission to simplify industrial mobility and allow safer, smarter operations – for everyone, everywhere. We developed MAESTRO, a proprietary, AI-powered control tower that streamlines management of anything mobile on an industrial floor.

MAESTRO gives superpowers to the most ordinary industrial space. It’s top-down visibility enables customers a fully coordinated operation of anything mobile – be it track and trace movements of goods and equipment, real time safety alerts for man driven vehicles, or navigating fleets of generic autonomous mobile robotic platforms, all through a unified and flexible modular system, with greater safety, and at an affordable price.

634 AI is on a mission to make a safer and smarter industrial mobility – from the industrial floor to the airport terminal, the warehouse floor or the hospital floor, and beyond.

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634AI appoints Oren Levy as new CEO

Will replace Onn Fenig, who led the company from its inception over the past 2.5 years.

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