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634AI signs agreement with Musashi Seimitsu to deploy 200 Autonomous Mobile Robots in manufacturing facilities worldwide

NEVE ILAN, Israel and TOYOHASHI, Japan, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 634AI, the Israeli developers of MAESTRO, an AI-enabled control tower for indoor mobility management, and Musashi Seimitsu, a global tier-1 auto part manufacturer, have signed an agreement to deploy 200 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), powered by MAESTRO, across Musashi Seimitsu's 35 manufacturing facilities worldwide. 634AI's MAESTRO powered AMRs will be used to automate Musashi Seimitsu's intra logistics operation and increase the safety and efficiency of activity on its manufacturing floors.

Musashi Seimitsu, a global transmission gear manufacturer, is a major shareholder in 634AI. After two years of testing 634AI's MAESTRO in live manufacturing facilities in Japan, Musashi Seimitsu will be rolling out 634AI's AMRs under the management of MAESTRO over the next four years.

634AI is part of the SixAI family, helping to bring advanced technology and responsible artificial intelligence (AI) into traditional industries. SixAI products are designed to improve productivity and better serve people around the world. Established by Israeli entrepreneur Ran Poliakine, the company solves manufacturing and distribution shortcomings by providing solutions that raise productivity and lowers costs. SixAI introduces technology integration in legacy industries and acquires companies in both local and international markets, mainly in the fields of AI, robotics, green energy, cyber and fintech. SixAI has a strategic partnership with the Japanese corporation Musashi Seimitsu.

MAESTRO is 634AI's proprietary AI-powered centralized control tower that enables effective and harmonized indoor operations. MAESTRO offers a constant visual mapping of the entire floor, ensuring hazards and obstacles are recognized and prevented. Alongside 634AI's AMRs, MAESTRO can track raw material movements, provide productivity and utilization data of forklifts as well as provide safety alerts for forklift drivers, and even navigate the movement of heterogeneous AMR fleets. With MAESTRO, Musashi Seimitsu plans to have a more automated intra logistics operation and better coordinated activity, where man-driven forklifts, employees, and robots can operate in sync and with greater safety.

Musashi Seimitsu's global presence includes manufacturing facilities in Japan, Germany, US, Canada, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Isaku Takeshi, Managing Executive Officer of Musashi Seimitsu, said:

"We have been heavily investing in automation and AI capabilities over the past few years, with a vision to create a more humane workplace where people no longer carry out tedious, repetitive, unrewarding tasks. We believe 634AI's distinct approach for industrial floor management and control allows, for the first time, people and machines to effectively work side by side in a much safer environment. We look forward to a fruitful deployment across our global manufacturing sites."

Oren Levy, CEO of 634AI, said:

"MAESTRO's global deployment with Musashi Seimitsu is a major leap forward for our company. It is a mark of trust and confidence in our ability to deliver an effective logistics automation solution in a real, busy industrial environment. Our computer vision-based AMRs powered by a central floor management brain and collaboration with Musashi confirm the distinct advantages of our technology in complex, dynamic industrial environments, and point the way forward for the rest of the industry."

About Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd

Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. is a global auto parts Tier1 company for automobiles and motorcycles, whose headquarters is located in Toyohashi, Japan. It has 35 manufacturing sites in 14 countries spreading across Europe, North and South America, China, and SouthEast Asia. Musashi specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing powertrain products such as differential assemblies, planetary gear assemblies, transmission gears and assemblies, and reduction gears for xEVs, which are supplied to global major OEMs and Tier 1s. Linkage and suspension products are also strategic products of Musashi. 

Musashi implements AI on manufacturing sites under the philosophy of "more human-friendly work" and is also working on manufacturing innovation.

Musashi is listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.


About 634AI

634AI was founded to enable the greater resilience and business continuity of organizations in an ever-changing world. Our mission is to simplify industrial mobility and allow safer, smarter operations – for everyone, everywhere. The company developed MAESTRO, a Computer Vision and AI-powered control tower that streamlines management of anything mobile on an industrial floor.

MAESTRO gives superpowers to the most ordinary industrial space. Its semantic analytics, generated from a panoptic view of the floor, enables customers a fully coordinated operation of anything mobile – be it track and trace movements of goods and equipment, real time safety alerts for man driven vehicles, or navigating fleets of generic autonomous mobile robotic platforms, all through a unified and flexible modular system, with greater safety, at an affordable price. 

634AI is on a mission to make a safer and smarter industrial mobility – from the industrial floor to the airport terminal, the warehouse floor or the hospital floor, and beyond.


About SixAI

SixAI, which was established by the entrepreneur Ran Poliakine, is engaged in making Israeli and international technologies accessible to the world of traditional industry, with a focus on AI technologies. The company identifies problems in the world of industry and provides them with technological solutions through development, integration and acquisition of companies in the local and international market, mainly in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, green energy, cyber and fintech. The company has a strategic partnership with the Japanese corporation Musashi Seimitsu. In addition, the company has signed an exclusive agreement with the Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) - to establish a joint corporation whose goal is to locate military technologies and convert them to civilian uses, as independent start-up companies. The company's offices are located in the technology incubator established by Ran Poliakine in Neve Ilan, Israel.


New Head of Algorithms & AI

634 AI appoints new Head of Algorithms & AI Group as demand for MAESTRO software grows

634AI appoints Oren Levy as new CEO

Will replace Onn Fenig, who led the company from its inception over the past 2.5 years.

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Nimbus by Cogniteam and MAESTRO by 634AI are joining forces aiming to reduce operational expenses and boost safety in warehouse robotics.

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Musashi Seimitsu and SIXAI partner to combine Japanese industrial experience and Israeli innovation. 634AI deploys its MAESTRO platform globally with one of the largest autonomous robot orders and Musashi AI launches global rollout of visual inspection robot for automakers.

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